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Bali Horse Riding Tour
Riding on the beach is something interesting and fun
Traveled coast to ride a horse like earlier times people ride horses to go anywhere, horses used in ancient times as a means of transportation which is quite expensive, join us to make a more interesting experience with a horse ride along the beach. Horses are animals that are very fast and smart enough to interact with humans, so you might be lucky to be able to ride for a few hours until you feel tired. The natural beauty and fresh coastal air smells clean your horse will run according to the specified time. You can spend your days listening to the sounds of nature and relaxing. Experience the simple pleasures in life with family, friends or alone when you ride.
We will customize any trip to suit every style and level of ability. So come and enjoy the peace of mind while we let you feel the pleasure of driving.
The Price :
  • 1 Hour Tour : 40 USD PER PAX
  • 1,5 Hours Tour : 60 USD PER PAX
  • 2 Hours Tour : 70 USD PER PAX
  • 3 Hours Tour : 100 USD PER PAX